Jack's On The Road Again- Your Complete Owner's Manual To Anything Automotive: Wheel Alignment, Why It's Important

Having your vehicle’s wheels aligned can seem like an unnecessary task for your car, or maybe you don’t even realize that they need an alignment! But the truth is, not keeping your wheels aligned can cause long term-- and expensive-- damage to your car. Here is your complete guide on how to know when you need an alignment, why it is important, and other tips and tricks!


What causes wheels to become unaligned?


Any rough driving can be the cause of your wheels’ unalignment. This could mean any wear-and-tear such as off road driving, curb checking, hitting potholes, or just your daily commute down Locust Street is to blame!



How to know you need an alignment:


Unfortunately, there is no dashboard sensor indicating that an alignment is needed. On the bright side, it’s pretty easy to tell by the way your car is acting. Is your steering wheel veering to the right or left, even when you’re driving straight? This is a sure indicator that your wheels need aligning, especially if the steering wheel vibrates at higher speeds.


If you are unsure about whether or not your vehicle needs an alignment, call your local auto repair shop Jack’s Brake & Alignment for any more questions!



When to get an alignment:


Unlike oil changes, there is no specific time frame recommended between alignments. But if your car is acting strange, you should schedule a checkup or have your mechanic check your wheels during your next oil change.


Pro Tip: Alignments are recommended in conjunction with tire replacements. This is because unaligned wheels can cause tires to wear unevenly, so replacing one may not entirely solve your problem.


Why wheel alignment is important:


A proper wheel alignment has many benefits, including SAFE and more stable steering and handling on the road. Plus, it can end up saving you a lot of money. Tire life lengthens when they wear more evenly, and your suspension and steering components will last longer as well. Aligned wheels can even maximize fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent, meaning less trips to the gas station!



It is important to visit a trusted auto service shop to perform your vehicle’s wheel alignment properly. Call Jack’s Brake & Alignment to schedule an appointment for your alignment, for the best service AND the best price!