Jack's On The Road Again- Your Complete Owner's Manual To Anything Automotive: 5 Scary Signs Your Car Might Need Auto Repairs

Your vehicle can tell you all sorts of things like when it needs gas, your tires need air or when it’s time to go into the repair shop. With so many complex parts that make up your vehicle, it’s important to be proactive when you think you might need auto repairs.

Here’s 5 scary signs your car might need auto repairs-


If you hear an eerie hissing noise coming from your tires, this could be a sign that your tires may be weathered and crawling on their last leg. Another good indicator that it may be time to replace your tires is if your vehicle vibrates while driving.


Seized Engine

If you notice light tapping noises or unfamiliar knocking sounds, this could be a sign of a seized engine. Hearing sounds like this should be enough to spook you to come see your trusted mechanics at Jack’s Brake & Alignment!


Overheated Engine

Think your engine is possessed? It’s not likely. However, some frightening warning signs of an overheated engine can include your temperature gauge lurking in the blood red zone or rotten smells of burning oil or metal.


Transmission problems

Transmission problems are pure evil. If not taken care of early, a tombstone could be the next stop for your vehicle. To avoid digging yourself a grave, pay attention to these signs- refusal to go into gear, strange burning smells, clunking noises like Frankenstein himself is inside your car, or the horrifying sight of your check engine light.


Broken Timing Belt

Hearing the shrieks and shrills of goons and goblins? It could just be a broken timing belt. Keep an eye out for signs that include a hard start, your vehicle expelling more exhaust than normal or sharp pitched noises!

This spooky season, if you keep an eyeball on these 5 scary signs that your car might need repairs, you’ll save yourself money and an axe splitting headache. So, when your vehicle starts showing signs of needing auto repairs, who you gonna call?


-Jack’s Brake & Alignment!