Jack's On The Road Again: Your Complete Owner's Manual To Anything Automotive- 3 Chilling Facts About the Havoc Stop Leak Products Can Unleash on Your Vehicle

Stop Leak, have you heard of it? For those in the automotive industry, we get shivers up our spines when we hear that you’ve tried to DIY your vehicle with this or similar products.

In the heat of the moment, it may seem like a quick fix for a transmission or radiator fluid leak, but the after affects of using leakage stopping products could result in you digging a grave for your vehicle.

Here’s 3 chilling facts about the havoc stop leak products can unleash on your vehicle:

  1. All seals get the same treatment:

In a perfect world, the stop leak formula would restore only the leaking seals, you know, the ones that’re so brittle they resemble a skeleton’s bones, but unfortunately, that’s not quite how this works.


Because the additive is running through all areas of the system, it acts upon every seal it comes across- so even the good seals can become tainted and swell, which will inevitably create a nightmare of additional leaking seals.


  1. Rips and tears are still present:

As seals get old and damaged, they often develop rips and tears along the edges that leave them looking a bit like tattered mummies.


When you use stop leak products, these products work to swell up the remaining material, but no amount of swelling can bring these sections back to life.


  1. Swollen seals are not fully restored

Swelling up the seals doesn’t restore them or make them work like brand new. It simply pushes the seal against the mating surface in hopes that it won’t immediately kill over or leak fluid. The swollen material is still old and brittle.


Think of it like a zombie, your vehicle might be mobile, but it’s nearing the edge of death.


Next time, before you flood your vehicle with stop leakage products, call our expert team at Jack’s Brake & Alignment. Jack’s Brake & Alignment offers competitive prices on complete automotive repairs and we have two convenient locations in Davenport, IA. Schedule your appointment today!


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