Jack’s On The Road Again: Tips & Tricks To Keep The Inside Of Your Car Clean

Life happens. Getting busy oftentimes means getting messy, especially in your car. Before you know it, your passenger side is filled up with empty water bottles and other miscellaneous items you swore you’d throw away soon. Instead of letting your car get to this point, keep up with the mess using these hacks! 

Grocery Bag Hack

An easy way to keep trash off the floor of your car is to hang a grocery bag around the gear stick. When it fills up, simply replace it with a new one!

Every time you leave, take something out.

Try to remind yourself to get unnecessary things out of your car, trash included. Staying mindful of this will help maintain a clutter-free, garbage-free car.

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Change Container Hack

Change adds up, many times on the floor, the center console, and in between the seats of our cars. Avoid this by designating a small container to throw change in. Have you ever bought one of those cups of gum at the gas station? Save that and use it to hold change!

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Silicone Cupcake Liner Hack

One of the dirtiest places in a car can be the cupholders. They’re in the middle of everything. You probably use it to hold random items. And how many times have you spilled on them because your cup was faulty?

Use a silicone cupcake liner as a liner for your cupholders! It is convenient and much easier to clean.

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Wet Wipes

Keep antibacterial wipes in your car at all times! This is for spills, sneezes, and everything in between!

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Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels can be used for almost any type of cleaning, even dusting! An easy way to keep dust out of the car is to have one of these handy for a quick wipe down.

Petroleum Jelly Hack

Keep your dashboard looking shiny by rubbing a small amount of petroleum jelly on it. Good as new!

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Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are great for the small messes that are hard to reach, such as dirt on the floor of your car! Portable and rechargeable, these are great options for those who hate spending hours vacuuming out the car. Keep up with the dirt with one of these!

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Air Fresheners

It’s self explanatory– but necessary– to maintain a fresh, clean car smell. Air fresheners help mask those musty odors that seem to stay in your car forever.

You don’t have to fall behind. Using these tips and tricks, you can easily maintain a clean car even when you get busy! Happy cleaning & happy driving!

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